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A Full Weekend...


                                      GENERAL SCHEDULE for the 2018 REUNION*



                                                    Dates: JULY 19, 20, 21, 22, 2018


(This schedule is subject to change.)


NOTICE: *All "events" are "optional"; but, as a courtesy to all, please be prompt to the activities that you do want to attend. Thanks!




- 4 to 6 PM - Welcome all!  "Check-in" begins in the SAS refectory. Sort of like those "first days back" of olde... get name badges/meal tickets; then there's free time to re-connect with old friends and classmates; walk around campus; see the new kitchen, etc. (Friday arrivals may, of course,  check in on Friday.)


- 6 PM - Opening Dinner and meal blessing in the refectory.  (All meals must be prepaid, but lucky you, there's NO dishshift! :)


- 7 to 9 PM - Welcome Reception / Social time / Free Refreshments in refectory.





- Breakfast  is "on your own".  (Most motels have a continental breakfast)


- 9 AM - Sharing  session - (in refectory) Sort of like "class-time" of olde...Tell your SAS stories; your life since SAS; and/or anything else under the sun!  Everyone, who wants to, has a chance to speak.    Coffee and donuts included.


- Noon - Lunch in refectory.


- 1 PM - Independent Activities - Sort of like a "Freeday" of olde...(See "Suggestion Sheet" below)


- 6 PM - Dinner  in refectory.  "Friday Pies" for dessert


- 7 to 9 PM -  "Movie Night" ... and/or Social Hour in refectory.





 - Breakfast  "on your own." (Maybe someplace serves Saturday cornbread!?)


- 9 AM - Campus Tour. Meet by refectory. Tour includes all floors inside the refectory building;  the front of the old main building (photo op) (inside is still being worked on); study hall front (inside is still being worked on); handball courts' remnants; inside the west dorm (now classrooms); inside the chapel; thru the inner courtyard; up the tower (for the willing and able); and the playing field. 


- Noon - Lunch in refectory


- 1 PM - "General Recreation," like the days of olde...bull sessions, class get-togethers, touch football, etc.    (We encourage everyone to hang around the campus on Saturday afternoon.)


- 5 PM -  Annual Alumni Eucharist in Christ the King Chapel. Everyone is invited. It's "come as you are" folks. :)


- 6 PM - Annual Alumni BBQ Dinner in refectory.


- 7 to 9 PM - "Sneak Off Campus Night"  to downtown Santa Barbara, Arlington Theatre, Stearn's Wharf, etc.    (and/or Social hour in refectory)





 - 10:30 AM - Farewell Brunch  (at the historic El Paseo Restaurant in downtown Santa Barbara)


  Good-byes, etc. 

  Pax et Bonum to all until we meet again.



                                                       INDEPENDENT ACTIVITIES SUGGESTION SHEET

                                                                             Friday Afternoon, etc.


  • -- Visit Fr. Nevin's re-located Stations of the Cross at OMSB;(near the parking lot) and/or visit the Serra Shop & Mission Museum.  (Cost: Approx $10.00 for the tour)
  • -- Self-guided walking tour of downtown Santa Barbara, also known as the "Red Tile Tour."  It includes the Court House, the Art Museum, the Historical Museum, the El Paseo, the Arlington Theatre, the Lobero Theater, the Presidio, etc. Cost: Free
  • -- Guided tour of Santa Barbara in an Old Town Trolley. Tour leaves the Old Mission at ¼  after each hour and takes about 90 minutes. Cost: approx. $20 per person.
  • -- Self-guided tour of the Santa Barbara Waterfront. Includes Stearn’s Wharf, Beach and Break Water. Cost: Free
  • -- Self-guided tour of the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. Cost: approx.$10 per person.
  • -- Hiking trip to Inspiration Point / Seven Falls. (experienced hikers) Cost: Free,  but also aches and pains? 
  • -- Self-guided tour of the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum. (Yup, that museum in the canyon!) Cost: approx. $10 per person.
  • -- Self-guided tour of the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens. Cost: approx. $10 per person.
  • --Self-guided tour of the Santa Barbara Zoo.  Cost: approx $15 per person.
  • -- A trip to Arroyo Burro (Hendry's) Beach - Cost: Free.. but it's a "long walk," and look out for flying sand!  :)
  • --See the "big, historically old, fig tree" by the train station. Cost: Free
  • --Hike up Mt. LaCumbre -  Cost: Free.....but seriously? :)  
  • -- Check out some of the old parks, like Oak Park and Rocky Nook... Cost: Free
  • -- And, of course, class "get-togethers" anytime... Priceless!