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Gene Fazio, Class of 1964, is the director of a non-profit organization called Make A Difference Foundation.  It is a literacy program for helping students to tutor other students.  Both parties enjoy success!  Reading scores have gone up in all the schhols that have tried it.  Congratulations Gene on a job well done helping our high schoolers in Arizona!



Congratulations to Bob Murray OSF, (SAS Class of 1959), on his appointment to the Immaculata Fraternity in Riverside, California in November of 2016!  To read more about them, check out this link:



Fr. John (Manuel) Vaughn OFM, (SAS Class of 1947), passed on to God on October 10, 2016.  Fr. Vaughn was a former SAS student, SAS teacher, Theology teacher, Provincial, and Minister General of the Franciscan Order.   Over the years he ministered at Mission San Miguel, St. Francis Parish in Sacramento, St. Anthony's Seminary, Old Mission Santa Barbara, the provincial office in Oakland, and in the office of the Franciscan Order in Rome!  He was a very special, gentle, humble man for all seasons! May he rest in God's peace.



  Hardy congratulations go out to Leo Nestor, (SAS Class of 1966), who, after 32 years as the music director at Catholic University and the Catholic Basilica in Washington DC, was, upon his retirement, in May of 2016, named professor emeritus; and was also inducted, as a knight, into the Catholic Order of St. Gregory in recognition of his lifetime service to the Church! Fr. Warren Rouse OFM, Leo’s former music teacher at SAS, said this about Leo in the July edition of the WestFriars Newsletter: “It was my second year of teaching choral and organ at St. Anthony’s when a young Leo Nestor entered the seminary. I was strapped for an organist, and there he was, quiet, studious, and a fine organist! He was a mainstay in my choir at the school. Over the years I have followed his amazing career, his recordings and compositions. I am indeed very proud of Leo’s talent, generosity, and inspiration. He has been a blessing to me and to so many others!” Congratulations Leo!



The 2016 reunion was a huge success! The dates for our next reunion are already set...July 20, 21, 22, 23, 2017.  See the "Reunion Info" page on this website for further details.



Steve Raths (SAS Class of 1967) and his wife, Cecile, celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary on June 18, 2016!

Over the years they have enjoyed several Franciscan retreats at the Casa de Paz y Bien in Scottsdale, AZ. Congratulations!



Fr. Alberic Smith OFM , (SAS Class of 1951) former SASAA Director,  passed away on May 31, 2016. He led the SAS Alumni Association from 1992 thru 2007, and during that time he organized and oversaw 15 all-class reunions!  Fr. Alberic was  an SAS science teacher in the early 1960s and again in the late 1970s and 1980s.  He was also an SAS administrator during the 1980s.  Other assignments throughout his career included teaching at St. Francis Seminary in Oregon; science teacher at San Luis Rey College; pastor at Mission San Xavier del Bac in Tucson, AZ; Guardian at Old Mission Santa Barbara; and Chaplain to the Poor Clares in Spokane, WA.   He was 84.  Rest in peace Fr. Alberic.



Fr. Xavier Harris, OFM, (SAS Class of 1940), died on January 9, 2015.  An SAS graduate, he was later a teacher, and administrator at SAS in the 1960s and early 1970s.  He initiated the idea of taking SAS students to forensic tournaments throughout the southern California area.   He also began inviting the greater community of Santa Barbara to get more involved in the weekly liturgies.  Fr. Xavier was 92.



  Fr. Joachim (Clifford) Hulings, (SAS Class of 1954) passed away in July of 2014.  He taught at SAS for several years in the 1960s. He was known for his wonderful stories of his exploits in the Merchant Marines, and for his ever-present pipe!  He taught history with a special flare all his own!  Rest in peace Fr. (Clifford) Joachim.



Rick Lang (SAS Class of 1980) got married in March of 2013! Finally! :)  Congrats!



I was recently notified that two of our former teachers at SAS have passed away. 

One is Fern Sayovitz, who died on Sept 6, 2012.  She was the first female teacher at SAS,  hired in August of 1965 to teach English Literature to my “wild bunch” class of 1967, and she also “starred”,  in a supporting role,  in the Senior play that year, A Man for All Seasons.    And,  she apparently made it thru no worse for wear that year, because Fern continued to teach at SAS for the next twenty-two years!!!   According to her will, there was to be no formal funeral service.


Also, on July 19, 2012, Pascual (Angel) Martinez (SAS Class of 1952) died in San Diego.  Some of you may remember him as a Franciscan who taught at St. Anthony’s.  He was also the baritone-voiced narrator on the 1962 green vinyl Christmas Album…”These are the voices of the Franciscan Choristers…”  He later left the order, married, and became very involved in counseling and social work.

May both these fine people, who in so many ways touched our many lives, rest in peace.  Both were a special part of the history of St. Anthony’s.



Fr. Richard Ochiltree, CSSR, a Redemptorist priest who taught at SAS in the 1970s, died on July 9, 2011.  Here is one commentary, of many, about Fr. Dick:

"I hold the whole Redemptorist Order in even higher regard for having known a guy like him. He pointed to something even larger than himself; something greater than his own Order.
 He showed how we all contribute to each other, and what it can mean to be followers of the Lord, good catholics, and inspired by those who came before us like St. Alphonsus. (one of my favorite parishes in Fresno)
Fr. Dick was more "ahead of his time" than I knew at the time, and more enthusiastic about literature than I knew would be good for me!
 A great soul, and a fun guy. Courage and integrity, a huge contribution to the life we knew at St. Anthony's."


2011 - The new school at the SAS campus announced in 2011 that the main building, erected in 1899, and a survivor of the great earthquake of 1925, is officially on the National Register of Historic Places, and it shall be preserved! (See photos of the original old main on the "Timeline" page of this website.



  Fr. Martial Luebke, OFM, (SAS Class of 1932 ), SAS teacher, and Prefect, passed away on May 17, 2011. He was 96 years old.

"Fr. Martial was a priest who represented the highest ideals of the Franciscan order. He was talented in so many ways -- as an administrator, as a disciplinarian, geometry teacher, and musician.
He could be both hard-nosed and gentle, and he knew exactly when to be one or the other. All it took was one "stare-down" by him and, miraculously, all funny business going on would come to an abrupt stop.
He was part of a wonderful and dedicated group of Franciscan priests and brothers who built St. Anthony's into a place with 200 or so students with a curriculum and study hall schedule second to none.
Thank you, Fr. Martial, for helping us through those years, and as that beautiful Gregorian hymn you once taught us goes "May the Angels Lead You into Paradise"." 


  Fr Peter Krieg OFM (SAS Class of 1938) passed away on Dec. 12, 2010.  Fr Peter taught Latin and Greek at SAS during the '50s and the '60s.  He was a very gentle, kind, wonderful man.
"Father Peter was a great Franciscan, a great teacher, a great human being.
His humor was unique, special.
May he be in God's kingdom."


 Bro. Kevin Dunne, OFM, passed away on October 26, 2010.  Bro. Kevin started Serra Press at St. Anthony's Seminary in the 1950s, and worked there for many years.  Former seminarians may remember helping him publish the Antonian, the student magazine. He was also a retreat director for many years.

Rest in peace.


 Fr. Floyd Lotito, OFM  (SAS Class of 1952), longtime director of many programs at St. Anthony Foundation since 1970, died on July 14th, 2009. He was 75 years old.

Equally at home with A-list socialites and the poorest residents of San Francisco, Fr. Lotito was a passionate advocate for the poor throughout his entire life. In San Francisco, he is perhaps best known for his work with St. Anthony Foundation, where he has served in various capacities since 1968.

"Fr. Floyd affirmed the dignity of each person he met, calling them 'brother' and 'sister,'" says St. Anthony Foundation Board President Fr. John Hardin, OFM. "He used his incredible gifts of communication, presence, planning and charisma to build relationships with people from the entire community, from politicians, journalists, philanthropists and athletes to those living on the margins of our society."

Alfonso Joseph Lotito was born in Los Angeleson July 28, 1934. His father, Joseph, came from a family of shepherds in Bari, Italy. His mother, Filomena Pirri Lotito, was a first generation Californian. He attended DivineSaviorGrammar Schoolin Los Angeles, and then won an academic scholarship to CathedralHigh School. In 1949 he entered St. Anthony Seminary in Santa Barbara, and entered the Franciscan Order on July 12, 1953, receiving his religious name, Floyd. He was ordained a priest on December 17, 1960.

Fr. Lotito received his B.A. from San Luis Rey College and his Bachelor of Sacred Theology from Old Mission Theological Seminary in Santa Barbara, CAin 1961. Fr. Lotito received an M.A. in Speech and Communication Arts from MarquetteUniversityin Milwaukeein 1970. He held a lifetime Californiateaching credential and taught high school for six years, including five years at St. Anthony Seminary High School in Santa Barbaraand one year at Serra High School. He taught English, Latin, Spanish, Italian and speech.

At St. Anthony Foundation, Fr. Lotito served from 1970 to 1981 as Deputy Executive Director, working directly for the founder of St. Anthony Foundation, Fr. Alfred Boeddeker, OFM. Fr. Lotito also worked as Director of Public Relations, Director of St. Anthony Dining Room, and as a chaplain for St. Anthony's. Under his leadership, St. Anthony Dining Room began serving meals on Sundays in 1981. In 1983, he also developed a drop-in hygiene program at a time when few such services were available to homeless people in San Francisco. He also oversaw the People's Picnic in Golden GateParkin 1984, a day when St. Anthony Dining Room prepared a festive picnic for its guests. Since 1989, he served as a consultant, providing advice and service to staff, donors, clients, and the boards of St. Anthony Foundation.


The new school on the SAS campus, Garden Street Academy,  is holding it's first fund-raising auction on campus in the spring of 2009.  All are welcome to attend.  More info will be forthcoming.


 (Bro.)Clem Wehe  -  Our beloved Clem passed on to his reward Sunday night Sept, 28, 2008 at 8:13pm and is now again with Shelia and the rest of the Saints. Thank you all for your prayers.

  From a former student: "Clem, I remember that you were the only one who knew how to make a hamburger taste so good on Track Day.  We even called them 'Clem Burgers.'  And thank you also for making all those study hall desks.  You told me one time recently that they were shipped to the sem in pieces, and that you had to put them all together! (I know that I have difficulty putting together a small entertainment center, and I could never make 200!!!)  I know that you made them with a lot of heart and probably a little cussing!  You were carpenter, electrician, plumber, friend, helper, counselor and the quintessential laundry man!  You faithfully ran those washers and dryers for so many years during those magical years of our lives.  I am sure that you were tired every Wednesday after a whole day in that tiny room.  You also had the first "digital" clock that I remember seeing.  It sat on the window sill of your shop, and it was "strange" to see back in '63.  When you and I met again at the big "garage sale" that the sem had in 2004, you told me that you found and bought the "keys to the liquor cabinet" that was in the cloister rec room.  You also bought the keys to all our hearts so many years ago.  If I end up having one tenth the fun, love, and joy in my life that you have had in yours, I'll be a happy man.  You have indeed lived a full life and you have touched many, many lives!
I've never known anyone who has had a more positive influence on so many people as our buddy, Clem Wehe. What a guy!! What a gift to the planet!!"



 I am sorry to tell you that Edward Stephan (SAS Class of 1957) passed away on Friday, May 23. 2008.  He suffered a heart attack and stroke. While the EMTs were able to restore breathing and heart function, he suffered severe neurological damage due to loss of oxygen to the brain and the effects of the stroke.  My husband, Ed, as you know, was the moderator of the SAS yahoo-group.


"I can't begin to describe how much Edward enjoyed his conversations, arguments, discussions with all of you through the past years, and how glad he was to be able to get together with you at the reunions. You enriched his life enormously.

If any of you would like to write to me, that's fine. You have my e-mail address, and I would love to hear from you and the rest of the guys. Thank you."

Karen Stephan


  Fr. Anthony (Severin) Baumann, OFM (SAS Class of 1938) died on his 89th birthday, January 11, 2008 at McClure Convalescent in OaklandCalifornia. Friar Anthony was born in San Francisco on January 11, 1919.  He joined the Franciscans in 1937 as an SAS student, and was ordained a priest in 1945.  He was a science and math professor at Saint Anthony's Seminary for many years and a chaplain at Saint Mary's Hospital in San Francisco.  He is proceeded in death by his parents, Anton and Antonia Baumann, as well as his siblings Dolores and Joseph. He is survived by his sister, Sister Teresa Baumann, O.P. 


July 2007 - The SASAA announces the "official" formation of this website for all former students of St. Anthony's Seminary, after a year of working on domain names, etc.  We hope to add more news items, as well as other information, like the symbolism of the chapel reredos, as time and funds permit!  Hope you all have a chance to remininsce.  We announce this in the year of our 20th annual all-class reunion.



Mathilda “Tillie” Schram, chef extraordinaire, passed away on May 20, 2007.  Tillie worked in the SAS kitchen starting in 1966 for 15 years until she retired in 1981.  When she started in 1966, Tillie broke the tradition of all-male cooks that had dominated the SAS kitchen since its founding.  While she worked at SAS, students could definitely see the “woman’s” touch that she added to all of the delicious dishes that came out of the kitchen, such as sandwiches cut on the diagonal or a sprig of parsley with the pork chops.  She helped to keep many hungry teenage boys well fed for many years.  We thank Tillie for all of her hard work and we ask the Lord to grant her a special place in His Heavenly Kingdom.



Fr. Benny Bavero, OFM (SAS Class of 1938) passed to his heavenly reward on October 12, 2007.  He was the long-time Pastor of Saint Paul of the Shipwreck Parish in San Francisco.  I do not have any other information at this time but I do know that he was a SAS classmate of Fr. Severin's (Rev. Anthony Baumann OFM) of the class of 1938.   



2006- Fr. Alberic Smith, OFM has announced that the SASAA will now be led by the lay alumni, as he is stepping down as director as of June of 2007.